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RGRHCL Housing Scheme

CM One Lakh Housing Scheme 2019 [Rgrhcl]

For the people of Karnataka, in this informative article we'll provide you complete details about a popular strategy"CM One Lakh Housing Scheme 2019". Within this scheme people will get house in multi storey construction within 1 Lakh rupees at Bangalore City.
Karnataka government started this strategy for those who aren't financially able to purchase home. So there is question that how authorities provide home in multi-storey construction in just 1, 00,000 rupees. The answer is this scheme has government subsidy and as stated by the government every beneficiary with this particular strategy provided 2.70 into 3.50 Lakh rupees. For those who are eligible for this strategy need to employ on official website of
There's meeting election in Karnataka and together with the JDC alliance HD Kumaraswamy form a new administration. The new CM has announced the strategy Chief Minister One Lakh Housing Scheme and it's also lasts for next financial year also. Together with the plot Chief Minister One Lakh House Scheme 2019 it begins for poor folks in Bangalore City and later it's expand into the all cities of Karnataka. According to the authorities the slums are developed through PPP model and its own rule will issue from the year 2019-20.
While this scheme is expand to all other cities of Karnataka state, if you from economically weaker section, than you're eligible to apply for this scheme. In this article we provide detail information of documents required for apply.
Eligibility for CM One Lakh Housing Scheme 2019-20 [Rgrhcl]
To qualified for this scheme you are must from economically weaker section.
The household income is not greater than 2.87 lakh rupees each year.
The candidates should have residence proof of Bengaluru City, for others have their own city residence proof.
Applicants must have Aadhaar Card.
In case the applicant is already owner of another home then he/she isn't eligible for this strategy.
In the event the applicant is also registered for additional home scheme like PM Awas Yojana then he/she isn't qualified.

What is the subsidy amount for One Lakh Housing Scheme [Rgrhcl] ?

Let's discuss the purchase price of house. Without subsidy the fundamental cost of house is 5.50 lakh to 6 lakh rupees and after subsidy the house for Schedule Caste and Schedule Tribe is 3.50 Lakh rupees and for General Category 2.70 Lakh rupees.

What is the fee for CM One Lakh Housing Scheme [Rgrhcl] ?

You have to fill the application form to enroll in CM One Lakh Housing Scheme. There's a 250 rupees fee to register. There are numerous procedures to cover fees like credit card, cash, debit card or net banking.


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भारत सरकार द्वारा योजना को ११ मार्च २०१६ को शुरू की थी.यह योजना प्राइम मिनिस्टर रोज़गार योजना और रूरल एम्प्लॉयमेंट जेनरेशन प्रोग्राम का मर्जर है pmegp bank login।
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