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Odisha Land Records

Lots of people searching online for their land records information. For the folks of Odisha, there is good news they can assess their property records online from anywhere. As the Government of India beginning to digitize the land records. As digitization central government ordered every state authorities to computerized all the property records. Odisha government develop online documents under the name of odisha bhulekh.
With this, people get all of the information regarding their land with few clicks. Folks can check and download their property info with Bhulekh Orissa.
There is total ROR data of 30 districts, roughly 317 tehsils, and 2064 RICs.

Bhulekh Odisha

Odisha authorities piloted the records of 51219 villages into the Bhulekh portal. Now to look at the data online person need to input the information like district name, subdivision, Tehsil and Village name. There is also required to input the Khatiyan Number, Plot Amount or tenant name.
This facility is utilized by any citizen of the country to acquire the information of property records of any village, districts, and mandals of Odisha State. Together with the Bhulekh, Odisha individuals can get information regarding their property records. It's used to get details of a landowner, plot number, land value, land area, and present owner.
You may know the litigations for the disputed property.
Village maps.
Khatuni (Land Ownership Record) Copy.
SMS alert for pattadars and functionaries for modifications and procedure advancement.
Revenue department gives a unique land code.
This portal offers many advantages to the individuals of Odisha state. With this portal, folks can get the most up-to-date and accurate data updated frequently by the Odisha government. This information makes land records more valuable as farmers get mutations online which save time and money. Each of the electronic document in sync with all the area measurement novels.


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